• 21st April
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I know some people don’t like using emoticons, but I don’t just use them as like cute little additions to text I use them as a substitute for facial expressions in conversation. So unless you use a :P or a ;) occasionally I have no idea whether you’re kidding or being sarcastic or not and if you never throw down a :) or a :( once in a while then I don’t know how you’re feeling about whatever you’re talking about

and basically if we have an entire conversation in which you don’t use any emoticons at all I just mentally imagine you standing there talking you me in a monotone with a completely blank face and I get kind of creeped out

  1. dimbosama said: That’s probably a pretty accurate depiction of having a conversation with me IRL to be honest.
  2. blessedlunatic said: Me too! It’s bad when composing emails at work though. I think “okay, this is where I’d normally put a smiley face, but I can’t do that because it’s not professional,” and I end up just adding an exclamation mark after everything.
  3. the-elusive-ollie said: i always add emoticons to the end of sentences because i’m scared people will read them like i’m mad or bitterly sarcastic when i’m not
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